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Create unique experiences around your Talent, and earn extra money by bringing others along experience.

It is your passion that will shape your talent, your talents will create masterpieces of technology, art, programs ... and guide you to great success. Share a different experience is to confirm your level.

Build and share the different experience programs based on your passion and talents to your loved ones and fans.



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life Style

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Calligraphy painting

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New York

Dance Course

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Learn Sailing Boat

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Wakeboard Cano

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New York

Horses Ride Course

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Build up a culture of civilized culture that shares your talents with those who respect and love you.


Based on the love and respect of the talented community around the world. We desire to connect, share and learn from you sincerely. Please share with us.


You are really talented, people will admire you and look forward to learning and sharing from you. Let those bright talents are not lost tomorrow.


Have you experienced the challenges of your life - times when you are feeling lost and do not know how to keep going? Choose yourself a talent that you idol and want yourself like them. They will help you acquire the skills to overcome the challenge.


Pass through the trials. Write down all the main goals that you feel you have achieved and want to achieve. In turn, record events in your life have occurred and have influenced or affected you. Then the miracle will happen to you.


Help orient the future of the village and help people succeed in life. A culture can also be considered future oriented if members of that culture tend to value creative thinking and new ideas and to believe that the future can be controlled or influenced by present decisions.


A civilized community is well organized and developed, civilized life is conducted according to rational principles, and has fair rules and customs. That security comes from knowing that users can depend on principles like fairness, integrity, honesty, human dignity, service, quality or excellence, potential, growth, patience, nurturance, and encouragement. By centering participation on timeless, unchanging principles, users create a fundamental paradigm of effective contributing.

Share Your Talent (Your Passion)

Why you’ll love share you passion ?

Extra income

From saving for home repairs to taking a dream trip, use the extra income to fund your passions.


Get tips and tools and connect with hosts like you from around the world.


You set your price and decide when you want to share passion and how often.

Ready to share an experience in your city?

Start by designing the experience you have in mind. We’ll guide you through each step. If your experience meets the quality standards, you’ll hear more about what’s next. Hosts can offer both immersions and one day experiences. Immersions happen over multiple days and are offered as is—their schedule can’t be modified. If you’re looking for a one-off experience, try browsing our one day experience options. Just like home availability, experience availability is set by the individual host. Before you book Make sure to review the guest requirements and any other requirements specified by the host. These could include age limits or skill level. Booking additional experiences.You can book as many experiences as you want during your trip—be sure to cross-check schedules to avoid booking experiences that overlap.

Ready to become a Saigoneer passion and experience new things with us? Checking out our policy and terms of use (Attach a link to the underscore for the partner to see before signing in) and design you unique sharing plan. We are here to spread your talents to the world.

Share An Passion

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